Sugar Bufalino Metal Gold


A testament to exquisite craftsmanship and sustainable luxury. Made in Menorca, Spain, each pair is a masterpiece crafted from the finest leathers and the most sustainable materials, showcasing the expertise of our skilled artisans.

The pebbled gold metallic leather on this sandal lends a touch of opulence, creating a statement piece for your wardrobe. The functional buckle adds both style and functionality, allowing for a customizable fit. Step into unparalleled comfort with the cork sole, offering maximum support while embracing sustainability.

Elevate your style with Homers — where tradition meets innovation, and each step is a celebration of craftsmanship. 

  • 2.75" heel to 1.25" platform
  • Made in Spain
  • Fits true to size, but may run a bit short if you have a long foot!