Hello lovelies!

Kiersten here, owner of The SōL Collective. You may have heard of us under our original name, Soothe the Sole. After 4 years in business, I decided it was time for a new name to match the evolution of our store over the years!

Quality, Style, & Friendly Service are what we stand for at The SōL Collective.

Product is bought based on construction, quality of materials, and unique styling. I purchase in small quantities to keep our offering broad and enable new arrivals regularly. It means items sell out quickly, but there will always be something new and exciting to shop! The majority of our goods are made by small brands from around the world where craftsmanship is a focus and innovation is key. 

Fashion has always been a passion - I started accessorizing with butterfly clips, jelly sandals and floral-printed belts back before I understood "personal style!" A family friend and orthopedic surgeon encouraged the opening of the shop, originally Soothe the Sole, a true comfort shoe store. Truthfully, I wasn't over the moon about selling comfort shoes, but knew I could turn it into a niche selling fashion that functions. We gradually shifted into offering more trend-forward footwear and apparel for both men and women that doesn't just feel good, but looks great, too! 

We strive to make your visit to the shop stress free - like hanging out with old friends, chatting, laughing, while we help you find your perfect style and fit! We know that everyone has a story and shopping (specifically shoe shopping) can be challenging, especially if you have foot pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis, etc. Join us in the shop, expecting no pressure and no shame, just great product and a lot of fun!

We hope you'll come check out what we do, enjoy a stroll around Aspinwall, and look forward to meeting you soon!

Happy Everything!