Arko Jungle Garden


Arko sneakers draw inspiration from the intricate structure of bones, mimicking the multidirectional spikes found in small bones like those in the spine or finger. Crafted with meticulous detail, each piece reflects an innovative approach to movement, culminating in the birth of 4CCCCEES Arko.

The foam rubber outsole of Arko boasts a dual-layer construction for optimal performance. The softer upper layer absorbs shock, while the harder lower layer enhances grip and durability. Its crisscrossed bottom shape enhances flexibility, following the anatomy of the foot while providing stable support.

Combining quilted nappa and reinforced leather in its upper, Arko offers both luxury and durability. Adjustable laces ensure a custom fit, enhancing wearer comfort.

Arko stands as a testament to high-quality craftsmanship and sustainability. Featuring an ultra-light sole that absorbs the impact of walking, it guarantees long-lasting comfort without compromising on durability. The leather used undergoes a tanning treatment that minimizes pollution, resulting in breathable and eco-conscious footwear.

  • Designed in Korea
  • Fits True to Size!